Juan Herrero-Garcia

PhD contract FPU, Universidad de Valencia - IFIC, CSIC.


Research interests

Theory and phenomenology of physics beyond the Standard Model, with neutrino masses and dark matter as the starting point:

  • Neutrino mass models and their phenomenological implications  in the LHC (either detecting the new particles directly or indirectly, with processes like H->gamma gamma) and in low-energy experiments (LFV or 0vbb, for instance).
  • Dark matter direct detection, in particular, focusing on the annual modulation signal and the bounds one can set for it in terms of the constant rate, analysing the compatibility of the different experimental results.
  • Effective Theory approach to lepton number violation (and to neutrino masses), and its connection to baryon number violation.



Recent talks

  • Dark matter annual modulation, compatibility of experimental results, inelastic scattering, Fermilab:


  • Dark matter annual modulation, Invisibles Journal club (with video!):


  • A fourth generation neutrino, Benasque:


  • Extra families and neutrino masses, NuFact, Geneve:



Research stays abroad

  • 2011: Max Planck Institut fur KernPhysik (MPIK), Heidelberg, Germany, 3 months.

  • 2012: Max Planck Institut fur KernPhysik (MPIK), Heidelberg, Germany, 15 days.

  • 2013: Northwestern University, Chicago, USA, 3 months and 15 days.




  • "General Physics", problems (First year course of Grado de Química): 2012/2013, 2013/ 2014.



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