29 Sep.
29 09 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Valeria Ferrari Università di Roma "La Sapienza"   The recent detection by the LIGO interferometers of the gravitational wave signals emitted by coalescing compact binaries provide an entirely new instrument to observe and investigate the universe we live in, challenging or confirming our beliefs on several crucial [...]
10 Oct.
10 10 2017 10:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Joel Jonas Perez Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima   We investigate the present constraints from the T2K experiment for the neutrino decay scenario induced by non-diagonal couplings of Majorons to neutrinos. As novelty, on top of the typical invisible decay prescription, we add the [...]
27 Oct.
27 10 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Tyler Corbett
CoEPP, University of Melbourne
17 Nov.
17 11 2017 12:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Jordi Salvadó
Universitat de Barcelona
24 Nov.
24 11 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Sam Witte IFIC   Conventional halo-independent analyses of direct dark matter detection data are subject to a number of caveats, typically limiting either the applicability or ease of interpretation. Using theorems from convex geometry, I will present a generalized halo-independent formalism that allows for the [...]
26 Jan.
26 01 2018 12:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Stefano Gariazzo
23 Feb.
23 02 2018 12:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Salvador Rosauro IFT, Madrid   The baryon asymmetry of the Universe is one of the open problems of the SM of particle physics. One possible explanation for the generation of this asymmetry is leptogenesis, which arises naturally when trying to explain neutrino masses. After explaining the main features of vanilla leptogenesis, we will introduce the [...]

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