08 Nov.
08 11 2016 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Sven Heinemeyer Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UAM/CSIC, Madrid   The LHC sees a SM-like Higgs boson at 125 GeV and puts bounds on extended Higgs sectors and other BSM physics. We discuss the status of SUSY taking all current bounds into account. In particular we show that a 125 GeV SM-like Higgs boson can [...]
22 Nov.
Trobada 2016/2017
22 11 2016 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Karl Landsteiner Instituto de Física Teórica, UAM/CSIC, Madrid   Chiral anomalies are dear to the heart of the high energy physicist. They explain otherwise forbidden decays and constrain theories. But in recent years it has turned out that anomalies also play a major role in quantum many body physics from the quark [...]
10 Jan.
Trobada 2016/2017
10 01 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room

Laura Lopez-Honorez Université Libre de Bruxelles   I will discuss simple extension of the Minimal Dark Matter (MDM) framework in which a Majorana and two Weyl fermionic electroweak multiplets are coupled to the Standard Model Higgs doublet through Yukawa couplings. In particular I will summarize the generic features of all [...]
17 Jan.
17 01 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room

Hayato Motohashi Instituto de Fíisica Corpuscular   Scalar-tensor theories provide models for inflation and dark energy. Many efforts have been made recently for constructing most general scalar-tensor theories with higher-order derivatives in their Lagrangian. Higher derivatives are typically associated with [...]
31 Jan.
31 01 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Carlos Peña Garay Instituto de Física Corpuscular, UV/CSIC, Valencia   Dark energy is at the core of the infrared behavior of our theory. It raises questions on the vacuum chosen to build our successful ultraviolet physics. Alternatively,  a scalar field may play the role of dark energy, but if it [...]
14 Feb.
14 02 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

José Manuel Narciso Ramos Founder & CEO en Bionline (Parc Científic de la Universitat de València)   In this seminar we will talk about the meaning and nature of Predictive Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data when applied to business. We will describe some examples of real business [...]
28 Feb.
Trobada 2016/2017
28 02 2017 11:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Andrea Wulzer
ITPP, Lausanne & CERN & Università di Padova
The motivation, the structure and the phenomenology of Composite Higgs models will be briefly reviewed. Current LHC constraints and run-2 expectations will be also discussed.
04 Apr.
04 04 2017 12:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Germán Rodrigo Instituto de Física Corpuscular   Quantum field theory is poorly defined in four space-time dimensions due to unphysical configurations introduced by quantum corrections. These unphysical configurations lead to the proliferation of infinities that are usually regulated by modifying the [...]
12 Apr.
12 04 2017 11:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Verónica Sanz University of Sussex, Brighton (UK)   This talk is an introduction to the use of the Higgs boson to look for new physics. We will review the motivation for such analyses, the current LHC sensitivity to new phenomena and future prospects to discover new physics via the precise characterization of the [...]
28 Apr.
28 04 2017 12:30
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

José L. Fernández-Barbón
Instituto de Física Teórica, CSCI/UAM, Madrid
I will review some modern aspects of the black hole information paradox, which continue to influence approaches to quantum gravity, such as the holographic picture of space-time.
09 05 2017 12:00
IFIC Seminar Room (Paterna)

Hector Ramírez IFIC   The standard realization of inflation is that of a canonical single field slowly rolling down a sufficiently flat potential. In this convention, one usually computes the power spectra in terms of a standard hierarchy of the slow-roll parameters, related to the inflaton potential, which [...]
Trobada 2016/2017
30 05 2017 12:00
1001-Primera-135 (Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales)

Javier Redondo Munich, Max Planck Institute & Universidad de Zaragoza   The hypothetical QCD axion invoked to solve the strong CP problem is a good dark matter candidate with potential characteristic signatures and can have interesting effects on stellar evolution. We will review its motivation, signatures  and [...]

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