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Gravity-mediated Scalar Dark Matter in Warped Extra-Dimensions - Dark sectors with dynamical coupling - Constraints on gamma-ray and neutrino emission from NGC 1068 with the MAGIC telescopes - Constraining the primordial black hole abundance with 21cm cosmology - Neutrino Mass Ordering at DUNE: an Extra $\nu$-Bonus - Monte Carlo studies for the optimisation of the Cherenkov Telescope Array layout - Neutrino tomography of the earth - First numerical study of Neutrino-Dark Matter Mixed Damping - Cosmology-marginalized approaches in Bayesian model comparison: The neutrino mass as a case study - Dark matter microphysics and 21 cm observations - Majorana vs Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos at the ILC - Follow-up on non-leptonic kaon decays at large $N_c$ - Leptogenesis from oscillations and dark matter - Neutrino Mass Ordering from Oscillations and Beyond: 2018 Status and Future Prospects - The dispirited case of gauged U(1)$_{B-L}$ dark matter - EDGES result versus CMB and low-redshift constraints on ionization histories - Probing the sterile neutrino portal to Dark Matter with $\gamma$ rays - A fresh look into the interacting dark matter scenario - Neutrino tomography of Earth - Axion Searches with Microwave Filters: the RADES project

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