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Implications of the Fermi-LAT Pass 8 Galactic Center Excess on Supersymmetric Dark Matter - Warm Dark Matter and Cosmic Reionization - Analyzing {\gamma}-rays of the Galactic Center with Deep Learning - Cosmology and CPT violating neutrinos - Searching for left sneutrino LSP at the LHC - Atmospheric neutrinos and new physics - Global fits of GUT-scale SUSY models with GAMBIT - The seesaw portal in testable models of neutrino masses - Can interacting dark energy solve the $H_0$ tension? - Cosmological searches for a noncold dark matter component - Comment on "Strong Evidence for the Normal Neutrino Hierarchy" - Strong Bayesian Evidence for the Normal Neutrino Hierarchy - Constraints on warm dark matter from the ionization history of the Universe - Running of featureful primordial power spectra - Unveiling $\nu$ secrets with cosmological data: neutrino masses and mass hierarchy - Cold dark matter plus not-so-clumpy dark relics - Supersymmetry with Dark Matter is still natural - Hiding neutrino mass in modified gravity cosmologies - A new Generation of Standard Solar Models - A novel approach to quantifying the sensitivity of current and future cosmological datasets to the neutrino mass orderin...

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