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IceCUBE 2012 and beyond by Carlos de los Heros (Uppsala U.)
Friday 14 December 2012, 11:00 - 12:00


IceCUBE 2012 and beyond

Carlos de los Heros (Uppsala University)


IceCube is the largest neutrino telescope in operation right now. It is taking data in its final configuration with 86 strings and 5160 optical modules since early 2011. Results from data taken in previous years with the 59- and 79-string configurations are being released. Built to explore the high energy neutrino sky, searching for cosmological point sources of neutrinos, IceCube can also be used to address a range of questions related to particle physics, from dark matter and exotic particle searches to neutrino oscillations.
I will discuss the latest results on a selection of these topics and mention the plans for future low-energy extensions of the detector.



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