Cosmology: the present, the future, and opportunities in Spain.

 June 3 and 4, 2013, IFIC, València.


Spain has been leading several initiatives and surveys and has remarkably increased its participation in international collaborations in observational cosmology in recent years. There is also growing interest in theoretical cosmology. We aim to gather researchers in Spain who are leading research in observational and theoretical cosmology for the small workshop CosmoRENATA in Valencia, and discuss our challenges and opportunities for the future, in preparation for the meeting of the whole Renata network that will take place at IFT in Madrid, on October 2 to 4 of 2013.

Scientific Programme


 Monday, morning session

             9:00-9:30 Results from Planck: Overview, by Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo. Download

             9:30-9:50 The Quijote mission, by Rafael Rebolo. Download

             9:50-10:10 Future polarization experiments and space missions, by Alberto Rubiño. Download

           10:10-10:30 Searching for non-gaussianities and anisotropy anomalies in the CMB, by Patricio Vielva. Download

            10:30-11:10 Coffee break

            11:10-11:40 BAO results and present constraints on cosmology, by Licia Verde. Download

            11:40-12:00 Neutrino constraints from cosmology, by Olga Mena. Download

            12:00-12:20 Numerical simulations of Warm Dark Matter cosmology, by Raul Angulo. Download

            12:20-13:00 Short presentations of poster papers

           13:00 Lunch

Monday, afternoon session

            3:00-3:40 Review on weak lensing, by Alexandre Refregier. Download

            3:40-4:00 The CFHTLens survey and future weak lensing surveys, by Chris Bonnett

            4:00-4:20 The Dark Energy Survey, by Eusebio Sánchez. Download

            4:20-4:50 Coffee break

            4:50-5:20 Simulations for large surveys by Gustavo Yepes. Download

            5:20-5:45 General Discussion: The RENATA network. How can it be useful to us? Open problems and challenges versus our expertise and resources.

            21:00 Workshop dinner


Tuesday, morning session

            Plans for ongoing and future imaging and spectroscopic surveys:

            9:00-9:20 PAU by Enrique Gaztañaga. Download

            9:20-9:40 JPAS by Narciso Benítez. Download

            9:40-10:00 MS-DESI/BigBOSS by Francisco Prada. Download

            10:00-10:20 WEAVE, by Alfonso López-Aguerri

            10:20-11:00 Coffee break

            11:00-11:20 Latest news on the acceleration of the Universe with supernovae, by Pilar Ruíz-Lapuente

            11:20-11:40 Quasar absorption surveys: BOSS and eBOSS, by Andreu Font-Ribera

            11:40-12:00 BOSS: Science from the galaxy survey, by Chia-Hsun Chuang

            12:00-12:20 The EUCLID mission, by Francisco Castander Download

            12:20-13:00 Review on 21-cm experiments by Saleem Zaroubi

            13:00 Lunch

Tuesday, afternoon session

            3:00-3:20 Inflation: what clues can we look for in the observations? by Jaume Garriga.

            3:20-3:40 Dark energy: the theoretical perspective, by Antonio Maroto Download

            3:40-4:00 Dark energy and modified gravity, by Diego Blas Download

            4:00-4:20 Cosmic strings and their Observational Signatures, by José Blanco-Pillado

            4:20-4:40 CMB: anomalies and peculiarities, by Alessio Notari

            4:40-5:10 Coffee break

            5:10-5:35 General discussion: open problems and challenges versus our expertise and resources. How can we get the best science from combining 

            surveys: galaxy and absorption spectra surveys, multi-band photometry, weak lensing, CMB, 21-cm.

            5:35-5:45 Summary.

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